About Our Programs


At CLC, we offer a customized curriculum for each student. We calibrate everything to suit the need of the student, whether it’s learning English for your career, living in English environment, or entering English high school and universities abroad. Our programs are developed around our firm belief that true education is something that improves all aspect of the language which are, reading, listening, writing, and speaking. This goal, creates pathways for students who wish to study abroad in a english speaking school.


In order to accomplish our education center's goal and provide quality education environment for the applicants, CLC offers the following programs of English education:


  • English Language Program
  • English Junior Series
  • English Senior Series
  • TOEFL Program
  • TOEIC Program
  • IELTS Program




English Language Program


English Language Program is offered to students who want to solely focus on English improvements. It is designed to improve the student's language capability in all aspects of reading, listening, writing, and speaking.  The purpose of this program is highlighted in our value for language capability in the actual english speaking environment; for the students to able to speak the language confidently and naturally as a native would. 


TOEIC Program


The TOEIC Program objective is to help students improve their language abilities in all areas:  Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. The TOEIC program not only prepare students for the certificate and test but also improves their conversational english ability through 1:1 online lesson. All areas of studies will be focused in providing optimal lessons for students to be well prepared for their TOEIC examinations.


TOEFL Program


TOEFL Program is part of english qualification program that delivers optimized results for students who wish to qualify for TOEFL IBT certificate. This course focuses on skills and test-taking strategies such as reading for main ideas and details, making inferences, and summarizing. This program also offers 1:1 online english speaking class where students can improve their speaking and listening skills. This course will give students the opportunity to plan their study time around their work or school schedules. Students who need more practice with the TOEFL reading section will have a chance to read and understand academic text in depth. The instructor’s instructions and explanations will help students prepare for the test more effectively and strategically. 


English Junior Series


English Junior Series program is operated on online library system. Program serves as a footstool for language reading comprehension skills as students go through series of books, their attention will be engaged to the interesting stories that connects the learning compartment and entertaining compartment together.


Online library junior series program touches on many different subjects related in social setting. The program only dips at the surface of each subject, but the main focus of the program is to develop the student comprehension ability, listening skills, critical thinking, ability to self-provide academically, and ultimiately the habit of reading english literature.


English Senior Series


Under the operating system of online library program, Seninor series offer students who wishes to gain English reading abilities through obtaining valuable knowledge of social-science encylopedia, picture-based learning program with definitions on side, as well as assistive narrative system with voice actors are all coordinated in the online library system. Teachers and students can open forums of discussion of different topics they learned and naturally students will blend into conversation and thinking in English.