English Language Program

Program Overview


Concordia English Language Program is an intensive english learning program comprised of two part. The first part is a 1:1 Online Video Call with native teacher for 25 minutes. The second part is 25 Minutes of Online Book Reading. It is intended to expediate student's english capability in all areas of Listening, Speaking, and Reading Comprehension. The program meets the various needs of students from improving conversational english, university preparation, career development, to examination preparation. Following is the general outline of the classes in the program:



It is comprised with 12levels from 1 through 12. Each level is designed in a fashion where students can experience progressive growth in their English skillsets. Students skills and level will be measured by Lexile, developed from Metrametrics.




Each Program is divided into several different courses. Student must pass the course requirements to finish the course and finish all the required courses to complete the program. Each course will have a given numbers of classes Each class are divided into two parts. the first part of the lesson is a 1:1 teaching session with a certified instructor/teacher. The second part is a guided reading session by a trained curator. Each session is 25 minutes long equaling 50 minutes for one class. Whether the teacher and student are live or online, we want to give the student our full attention.



Class Break Down



In the teaching session, we provide the book/subject for student to read and answer questions. There may be multiple books per course. In the reading session, we require a given number of books to be read. One or two will be mandatory however, the remainder will be chosen by the students or the Online Library Curator. If the student find trouble picking a book, our Online Library Curator will recommend them for the student. We want the push our students but, only step by step. For students that surpass a benchmark, they will recieve a congratulatory reward.


Online Library

Online library in our platform system provides over 5000 books available for each students. The books are constantly updated with new contents and titles available every year. The program itself is used by over 5000 public primary and secondary schools across the 21 States in the U.S.A. All the books are recorded with Lexile, and each students are given a lexile score to keep track of their improvements on reading ability.