Junior Books Series

English Junior Books Series Program



English Junior Series program is operated on online library system. Program serves as a footstool for language reading comprehension skills as students go through series of books, their attention will be engaged to the interesting stories that connects the learning compartment and entertaining compartment together.


Online library junior series program touches on many different subjects related in social setting. The program only dips at the surface of each subject, but the main focus of the program is to develop the student comprehension ability, listening skills, critical thinking, ability to self-provide academically, and ultimiately the habit of reading english literature.


This program is offered to anyone who wishes to engage in more reading activities and learn the groundwork of english language at the same time. There is no set time period for this program as students can advance faster depending on their reading time. However, the actual time spent reading the book is provided in the syllabus for each book offered.


Several tracks students can embed in this program:


Dream Big Series



Amazing Science and World Series



Big Reptiles Series



Picture Windows Book