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Welcome from the Headmaster

Welcome from the Headmaster

Thank you for your interests in Concordia Language Center. As the headmaster of CLC and a fervent teacher of linguistics,
I can tell the parents and students what valuable experiences we cater to our students here.

The current generation of education have taken a giant leap towards a new system. The traditional methods of teaching in a classroom have played its role to the end and it's relaying its baton to a different platform system. Whilest our information gathering have been heavily restricted to locations, manuscripts, and verbal communication in the traditional education system, the new industrial revolution opened many pathways to gethering important knowledge in much simpler ways. 

The computerized system and online blended learning is taking its stand in many universities and colleges around the world. Professors are operating their classes on more self-study environment and students are relying on materials and contents shared by other universities and institutes. 

The same system is being applied to primary and secondary education as well. Hard-copy materials are being an economic burden to many institutes as keeping care of the contents and registering new contents ultimately has to be burdened by students. Many schools have already implemented online library program for their students and created a classroom environment where each individual can be fostered according to their skillsets.

To combine the new educational system that involves both technology and specialized learning, Concordia Language Center created
a platform for students to study all the contents online and be fostered by teacher through 1:1 lessons. The results that we have witnessed
were phenomenal as students thrived in their personal lessons with no limit to space and time. 

The key to successful language learning accounts to longer exposure to that language. English  cannot simply be taught by methods of
organizing complex grammatical and phenomonological theories. It is a musical rhythm that must be learned through various exposures
of senses and memory paths. The blended learning  system implemented by CLC allowed more exposure to english environments and
numerous contents online and provides the best opportunities for students to practice their language in their given environment.

In brief, the primary objective of Concordia Language Center is the successful output of students prepared to serve the globalizing world.
I want to invite young learners from all over the world to take part in this grand scheme to be the next global leaders.

I invite you to come visit our campus and take a tour of our websites. It's a wonderful international community with vibrant energy that will
captivate you.

My very best,


Charles Mercieca, Ph.D