About us
About us

Concordia Language Center


Concordia Language Center is a world wide education provider that sets up pathway for students to engage in effective language learning system. CLC aspires to prepare the next generation of global leaders possessing both qualifications and skillsets in different language.


We prepare students of all ages and levels with high quality English education, so that they can enter universities, careers, and goals they always dreamed of. We make sure that our students reach their academic goals and progress well in their chosen pathways by providing speical counseling from our qualified instructors.


CLC offer a unique education system that collaborates various modern teaching methods. We brought together the latest technology and educational environment to maximize your learning effectiveness. 1:1 individual lessons, online reading library tools, customized curriculums, and academic counselors are all imbedded into our Learning Mangagement System (LMS).


It is our desire that students succeed in life, not only in their academic pursuit but also settling in quality career and achieving goals.